Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Custom Graphite Furnace Solutions from AVS, Inc.

When off-the-shelf furnace systems don’t match your needs, Advanced Vacuum Systems (AVS), can supply solutions to your most exacting furnace parameters.

AVS has invested in a entire array of in-house capabilities. Everything from furnace concept design, process engineering, ASME certified welding & controls systems to complete integration is carried out under one roof. This vertical integration offers unmatched control over the quality of our furnace systems and gives us total process control.

Whether it is a graphite furnace or a furnace with refractory metal hot zones, our products are intelligently designed and flawlessly manufactured. That’s precisely how we have managed to consolidate our position as a leading manufacturer of custom furnaces, serving industries worldwide.

Graphite furnace solutions for high temperature applications

No matter how complex your high temperature application, AVS can manufacture leading-edge graphite furnaces using graphite heater elements and felt or rigid graphite board insulation materials.

These furnaces can be used in applications subjected to temperatures up to 3000°C, vacuum levels to 10-6 torr, gas pressures to 3000 psig (200 bar), and hydraulic hot pressing forces greater than 1200 tons. The high temperature furnace range is capable of meeting the most critical gas & atmospheric control your process demands. In applications where graphite elements could pose a risk of contamination or carbon reaction, refractory metal hot zones can be provided.

Our custom furnaces will not only outperform, but also outlast any standard furnace. Read more about our products and services at www.avsinc.com, and we will be glad to take up your next challenge.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Get More Value with a Standard or Custom Vacuum Furnace from AVS

The conventional benefits associated with a vacuum furnace include uniform heating & low part contamination. However, when you use an AVS vacuum furnace, you can expect several benefits over and above the conventional ones.

For instance, our vacuum furnaces allow a myriad of high-temperature process combinations up to 3000°C, high vacuum to 10-6Torr, partial pressure gas atmospheres in the millitorr or Torr ranges, and positive pressures up to 1 atmosphere (14.7 psig).

AVS is a vacuum and pressure furnace manufacturer with a global reputation& reach. When you approach us for standard or custom furnace requirements, we draw from our 45 years of rich experience in furnace design, engineering, ASME certified welding, controls engineering, and new process comercialization to come up with ingenious solutions.

Here’s where this excellence stems from:
  • We boast of in-house capabilities to fabricate graphite hot zones using soft felt or rigid g-board insulation.
  • AVS can fabricate metal / metal - ceramic hot zones using stainless steel, Nichrome, Inconel, Molybdenum or Tungsten.
  • We strictly conform to ASME codes and other industry directives. Vacuum chambers are manufactured by certified AVS welders inour vertically integrated facility.
  • Our impeccable product quality enables us to offer you the only standard 5-year chamber warranty in the industry.
At AVS we stand committed to the safety and efficiency of your process. Partner with us to see how our vacuum furnace can transform the way you carry out processes such as sintering, heat treatment, MIM debind or CVD. You might also like to know that AVS offers a full suite of aftermarket and field services worldwide for both AVS and competitive systems.

For more, please visit our website www.avsinc.com or call +1.978.391.5104

Monday, 24 September 2012

A Decidedly Superior Vacuum Furnace Range from AVS

Heat treating, brazing and sintering processes with zero contamination requirements stand to highly benefit from AVS vacuum furnace offerings. Our furnaces are intelligently engineered to satisfy the stringent temperature and vacuum requirements of our customers. With these vacuum furnace systems, you can achieve a multitude of high temperature combinations up to the range of 3000 degrees centigrade. Additionally, our furnaces designed for high vacuum application to 10-6torr, partial pressure gas atmospheres in the millitorr or torr ranges, and positive pressures up to 1bar.

Having registered a proactive presence in the pressure and vacuum furnace industry for over 45 years, we boast of numerousin-house capabilities that enable us to fabricate graphite hot zones using soft felt or rigid G-board insulation. We also offer non-particulate metal hot zones including stainless steel, nichrome, inconel, molybdenum or tungsten, if so needed.

Vacuum FurnaceTo ensure quality manufacturing standards that meet or exceed industry requirements, AVS adheres to ASME Code VIII codes in design and fabrication; we are only firm offering a standard 5 year chamber warranty in the industry. Additionally, we give you the assurance of employing only certified AVS welders on your vacuum furnace project. To date, we have fabricated furnaces from mild steel, 304 &316 stainless steels.

While a regular AVS vacuum furnace chamber reports a standard leak rate of 5 microns or less per hour, this figure can be brought down by our engineers to meet your exacting requirements. We can easily combine various condensing, tempering and burn-off systems based on your individual process needs. To understand how AVS can be your trusted partner, please visit www.avsinc.com and we would be glad to talk with you.